About the Plan

The Interior Lumbermen's Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan that has been providing a source of retirement income to non-union Logging and Sawmill companies in the Southern Interior since the late 1970's. Registered under the British Columbia Pension Benefits Standards Act, we pay monthly pensions to over 400 retirees, with approximately 1,500 active members having contributions made on their behalf.

The plan is entirely employer funded, leaving participating employees free to use their own money for RRSP's. The Plan is managed by a four person board of Trustees who represent the different types of sponsoring companies who participate in the Plan. Historically the Plan has always been well managed.

Administration is provided by the Interior Lumbermen's Benefit Group in Kelowna. This four person office handles all day to day inquiries from employers, employers and pensioners as well as calculating benefit entitlements, receiving and monitoring contributions, and providing a number of different forms of communications to all interested parties.


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